Surfing to Sandbars

#Surf in the morning, go on an #adventure around the #sandbars in the afternoon! Not many better ways to spend a day when you’re with @globalboardingwatersports in the #AnnaMariaIsland#LongboatKey#Sarasota, or #SiestaKey area!

Fun Day out on the Water

The other day we took out a family who had an absolute blast #tubing, #wakeboarding, and #wakesurfing! When they were done #riding, they were all exhausted but didn’t want to finish their session. So they decided they wanted to stay on and go on a little excursion! We took them from #AnnaMariaIsland and showed them some fun sandbars on the way down to #SiestaKey then up to #Sarasota and #LongboatKey and then back to #AnnaMaria. We hall had fun just #relaxing, listening to music, laughing and chatting, and last but not least, enjoying the beautiful day and beautiful scenery of Florida’s west coast! We’ll for sure see them on their next visit down!

Surf Lessons

We had a very fun day with a great group, the Wechsler family, who came all the way down from Maine! From the father to a 6 year old daughter out there getting their first waves! It works out well with having a bunch of boards of all sizes to accommodate a variety of age ranges.

Surf Lessons @ Long Boat Key